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Hello my name is Aissia I'm a mother of a 14 month old. I'm 28 years old I've experienced 2 miscarriages back to back. I'm terrified of having sex again because my anxiety levels get high just thinking about another miscarriage could happen. I'm here to meet mother's just like me and to make new friends. I'm still learning how to cope with both loss but it's hard.

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    Thank you I just found out about this baby so I'm staying positive with this. Also I'm trying to help a coworker who's going to be a first time mom. So it really helps with the positivity we're giving one another.
  • I totally get it! I was so terrified of going through the same thing again, once we tried again. Maybe it would help to tell yourself over and over, "this will be a new pregnancy and a new experience." hope that helps!