Hydrops Miracle Baby

My name is Laela. I gave birth to my son at 35 weeks. What I didn’t know was that my son had a rare condition called Hydrops. It affects 1 out of every 2,000 babies. Many babies die after delivery. And if they survive delivery they die shortly after. My son. My beautiful miracle baby is two weeks old. He takes his feedings very well and today I got the news that they were finally able to take him off his ventilator. I’m crying while writing this because the doctors told me as soon as he was born that they weren’t positive he would live and to be prepared to bury my child. I prayed hard everyday that he would pull through. He’s doing so good and I get to hold him for the first time on Tuesday. Before he was born I’d never heard of hydrops. I have a two year old daughter who was in the nicu so I have a lot of nicu experience.