Saying hello!

Hi I’m Scarlett. Mother of 4 and bonus mom of 1. My 4th baby is Aj (Marc Antonio Jr), he was born 3/31/21 5 weeks premature. He was in the nicu for 24hrs unable to keep his glucose or oxygen up. On 6/10/21 Aj had a stroke after became septic due do parainfluenza and rhinovirus along with two tummy bacteria that we were unaware of. We are still in the hospital today and are now facing life threatening seizures along with cerebral palsy and severe mental retardation. They discovered issues with Ajs immune system along with a brain disease that we are and they are almost certain he was born with. He’s had a rough time coming in being 2 months and still the size of a newborn, hard to get ivs but no umbilical cord so no choice but to keep poking, seizures, he’s intubated for 3 weeks, struggling to be off oxygen for more than 24hrs. I’m kinda at a lose you could say. All my other babies were full term no issues. Aj had meconium and swallowed some, my water looked like a wine color instead of clear. He was stressed, his father said he even had meconium in his eyes at birth. It’s just been a very long road.

This isn’t my first round of spontaneous situations when it came to pregnancy. After my second I ended up having a molar pregnancy, so basically a tumor was growing inside my uterus instead of a baby and right after I had a miscarriage. I think moving during the middle of my pregnancy had not helped with the care that I needed for my pregnancy because of the molar, my ob here in San Antonio was unable to get my medical records form my ob in Amarillo so they had no idea about my molar besides what I had told them. To me now I still feel like me telling them I had a molar pregnancy in the past they should’ve decided to be more cautious and handle my pregnancy with Aj differently, I also think if I would’ve stayed in Amarillo Aj would not have been premature but I can’t say that for sure because he could’ve just been ready. It’s been a rough road for us and it’s not even close to over yet, but I am thankful and blessed that my sweet baby Aj is still here and thriving.

I would also like to add if you would like to follow his story following the stroke and his recovery I have a page on Facebook called AjStrong. I post updates nearly daily!

#AjStrong #DefyAllOdds