Dealing with miscarriage

Good afternoon everyone. My name is Shakira and it's been two months since I miscarried. I found out on the 29th of April 2021 that I was pregnant and I began miscarrying on the 3rd of May 2021. I say began because I began bleeding in the 3rd but because I didn't have a gynae as yet I was sent between Dr's for answer. The bleeding was there and with an ultrasound no pregnancy was picked up in my womb but I was told that could still be very early in my pregnancy and a blood test will be done in the interim to confirm that the pregnancy is there. The blood test came back positive. The Tuesday (4th May) came and the bedding got heavier so I made a call and went to the first gynae who would see me. On the 4th of May I was able to see the sack of my baby but found out that I was miscarrying in that moment and that I was 7 weeks pregnant.... I have pcos so I just thought that I wouldn't be able conceive because for a long time of no contraception there were no positive tests. I wanted this Sooo much and after the miscarriage I struggled with anxiety and panic attacks. I also felt like there was something physically wrong with me and I had a fear of dying. I don't know if this is normal? Has anyone had this happen to them and how do you cope with it? I'm looking forward to speaking to all of you