Every day is like groundhog day ...

I have been married for 10 years. This is our first serious relationship with both of us.
We met at work. She was the office manager and I was the head of the department. I didn't notice her at first. She was the first to come up to talk, and I offered to give her a lift along the way. And he fell in love with a beautiful, cheerful girl.

Then everything seemed cloudless. But now that I look back, I see how much I did wrong. He allowed her to manipulate him, did not see the obvious, did not stop some things. She could snatch the phone out of my hands while talking to a friend. At work, she could eavesdrop on a conversation with an employee on the next phone. She checked my mail even though we worked in different departments. She behaved frankly and very arrogantly.
And although this was only the beginning of the relationship, I did not think about it. Moreover, I had nothing to hide. A friend of mine who works with me has asked me more than once why I need this. He said I shouldn't have gotten involved with her. I didn’t understand what he was talking about, and I didn’t care. I was happy.

In marriage, she took absolutely my whole life into her own hands. Social networks, sms, monthly call printouts. I often checked my phone, although I never gave mine. And I could always find another reason for this.
She took over the entire family budget and could spend a lot of money not entirely justifiably. I often borrowed money from friends at the end of the month. She thought it was better than entrusting me with my salary. So it was in her family, and none of my words could affect her. Even when asked how exactly she distributes the money, she threw a scandal.

In marriage, in general, everything has changed quite a lot. She talked to her parents very often, twice a week. I literally dragged them to visit me by force, even if I had things to do. They should have been postponed. These are the parents!
She didn't really like my family, except for her father. He often gave her money. Now for gifts, then for boots, although he himself earned decent money. At work, I took more and more leadership positions, and at home she twisted the ropes out of me.

When the child was born, and she began to sit at home on maternity leave, a new method of manipulation was added. A new way to suppress pity. They never trusted my son. He couldn't even buy ice cream without her consent. This led to abuse. Clothes and toys had to be bought only in company stores. And only the best.
When a child grew out of this and I offered to sell it or just give it away, a new scandal erupted. After all, my wife believes that someone can harm or curse. I even started baptizing all my photos on the Internet.

I don't know what happened to her. She turned into an infantile, always dissatisfied and tired woman, who sees betrayal, gossip and conspiracies everywhere. Maybe this is how the programs she watches on TV affect her for hours.
When I come home, I wash my mountains of dishes, cook dinner, often eat one buckwheat, because I simply do not have the strength to do anything. When asked what she ate, she replied that she went to her parents. She complains that she is tired with the child, although she spent the whole day with her retired mother. She helps her well.

Houses are often dirty and not cleaned. Coming home from work, and I work in an essay writing service and every day I answer a request write my paper, and so - I find it on the Internet. There was nothing to talk about. After all, her favorite pastime is gossip and discussion of others, not how I spent the day or how I am doing.
Often she condemns and calls our mutual friends names, and then, as if nothing had happened, invites them to visit, smiling and paying compliments. We completely stopped going somewhere, spending time together. She does not want to go to the cinema and cafes, referring to the fact that she is not interested or bored. We sit at home, each in his own corner.

Every day is like groundhog day. Work from home. I have long forgotten all my friends and some kind of entertainment. My wife has no close friends, and she considers my absence almost a betrayal. At first, she even went with me to meetings with friends, but she was not interested in it, and she began to throw me tantrums.

I'm tired of this life. She offered to go to a family psychologist, but she is firmly convinced that everything is fine with us. She is satisfied with such a life, and she is offended that I see any problems. She even started planning for a second child. My protests are that we are not ready for this morally, as if they do not hear him.

I am seriously considering a divorce. Every day I feel more and more tired and irritated. Constantly being a hypocrite and saying that everything is fine, like hers, I do not know how. I'm tired of everything.