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PPROM at 27 weeks and had to be admitted to the Hospital for monitoring, we made it just 2 weeks later when I suffered a severe infection and had to have an emergency C-section at 29 weeks. The first night the Dr. Came to get us and we got taken down to the NICU to say our goodbyes because they felt my son would not make it past that night.  He made it 36 days after that night. He suffered many "episodes" as the doctors called it.  36 days in the NICU just 5 weeks and a day old my son passed away. My husband and I waited so long for this pregnancy, and it ended the worst way imaginable. 4 months later which seem like an eternity. Still trying to grasp reality at times. Speechless, empty, daily heartaches. We miss him so much.

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  • Hello. I'm so sorry to learn of your loss. Im new here also. I also suffered PPROM at 19 weeks. Just 3 days after a perfect anatomy scan. I also lost my 20 year old son to a car accident 2 years ago. ON A POSTIVE NOTE, I want go encourage you through what seems like daily. And possibly unbearable pain. If praying helps, pray. If crying helps, cry. Remember him, keep talking to him as your guardian angel if you must. Just keep moving forward. Brighter days will come. You'll always miss your baby. This type of grief evolves. It doesn't go away. We learn to cope day by day. Hugs to you.