I don't understand what to do, I found my daughter's secret social media account

I don't even know what to do in this situation. The fact is that recently I took my daughter's tablet and discovered her secret account on one of the popular social networks.

What I saw shocked me. Now I do not understand how to behave further. In short, my girl is in correspondence with a huge number of guys. The most terrible thing immediately flashed through my head ... But I was in no hurry to draw conclusions.

I will say a few words about my family. My husband and I have an only daughter, for whose sake we do not regret anything. She always has fashionable clothes, every day we give her a good amount of pocket money, and most importantly, we have always tried to teach her the right manners. And then this is revealed ...

When my daughter came home from school, and she is studying to be a designer and is a first-year student, she also writes well and earns money by providing essay writing help for a small amount, I tried to gently start a conversation with her.

They say, so, they say, and so, accidentally took your tablet, and ended up on your page on the social network. And, of course, I saw the correspondence.

Yes, I forgot to add that lately, various expensive things began to appear from my daughter, which we did not buy for her. To the question "Where are they from?" she replied that gifts were presented to her by a rich guy with whom she was dating.

Even then, I was a little worried, as gifts are not cheap: a handbag of a famous brand, then gold jewelry, then something else ...

In short, my daughter, when she found out that I had read all the correspondence from her secret account, tensed a little, and then admitted that she was really dating different guys.

Moreover, she calmly explained that they give her various gifts, and when they hint at a more serious relationship, she just breaks up with them. In her opinion, she does not owe anything, since she does not promise anything to her boyfriend, and gifts are their initiative.

I am very worried, and I do not know how to behave in this situation, because my girl is only 18 years old. I am also afraid to tell my husband, as he is very hot-tempered and madly in love with our daughter. Who knows how he will behave in this situation ...