My story

I am Benitah, I had my premature baby on February 28 2022 at 32 weeks.

Before my pregnancy was very normal and my baby was very fine, but I had an appointment with my doctor for antenatal care but when I reached the hospital I was told she was not present so they gave me someone else as a replacement. On checking me she said that I was due and the baby had dropped and the cervix was dilated at a finger tip though I told her that my pregnancy was just making 32 weeks she insisted otherwise. She then gave me Misoprostol on water and told me to go home and pick my stuff. When I reached home I started feeling pains so I packed up and went back to the hospital.

When I reached my water broke I felt more contractions, in the midst of all that my husband had called my doctor who came immediately and took me for ultrasound scan where we found out she had induced labor before I was due since the baby was only 32 weeks and 5 days old. The hospital didn't have NICU and they referred me to another hospital where I was to be operated for c section but before the operation I got continuous contractions as  I was waiting for my last dexa dose and gave birth to my princess Ariana Immaculate