Hi everyone. I lost my son, Francis, this week. On 6/1 I started to feel contractions at 7:30pm and baby Francis was born just before 11pm at 25 weeks, 4 days. It all happened very fast with no explanation. We are not sure why he decided he needed to get out. He spent about 43 hours in the nicu, but sadly yesterday he wasn’t able to pull through. He had bleeding in his brain and his lungs and we were brought to say goodbye to him. I’m in total shock. This was my first pregnancy and until Wednesday night everything had been incredibly easy. No red flags. So heartbroken for my little boy, for myself and for my husband. I lost my dad suddenly 9 months ago and had just started to feel closer to my normal self. I am so daunted by the thought of grieving from day 1 all over again. It’s exhausting to think about. I welcome all advice from anyone who’s faced similar circumstances.

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  • I lost my son may 8th 2022.. I had just heard his heartbeat that prior Tuesday and I couldn’t believe the words the doctor told me. It was my first pregnancy and I did everything I possibly could to make sure Adonis would make it into this world. He was 24 weeks when I delivered my sleeping angel. None of it makes sense on why this happened and it never will. I continue to feel so much pain and just randomly cry but then I get up and try to carry my self through the days for my son. You have all rights to grieve that was your baby and you deserved to have him here but you must choose strength in the end. God never sets out to hurt us that’s why we must continue to have faith because it will get you through. Remember this is your process so allow yourself to feel your emotions. It’s a battle everyday but if you let yourself be strong enough you will survive this. I hope you find peace here, you are in my prayers.