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Hi everyone ❤️ my name is Emilee! I'm 30 yrs old and I reside in South

Carolina with my lovely fiance, Blake. In November of last year we found out we were going to be parents and we were so excited ☺️ (This was his first child but i have 3 boys from a previous relationship).. On February 23rd this year we went in for our anatomy scan excited to find out the gender of our baby but we were met with news that shook our lives. There was no amniotic fluid, baby had an enlarged heart and was also diagnosed with bilateral renal agenesis- he/she had not developed either kidney and they were not able to tell the gender. We were heartbroken but decided to carry to term hoping and praying the Drs had made some kind of mistake. On June 16, at 37 weeks, our GIRL was born We named her Kendall and she lived for 26 minutes. It's been 23 days and we are still in disbelief. Her ashes now sit in a special place in our room and I cannot grasp the reality of her not physically being with us after feeling her kicks and hiccups all of those months. Any prayers/ good vibes sent out way would be very much appreciated. I'm excited to be here and Im hoping to gain some positive insight from this. Thank you!

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  • Hello Emilee. Thank you for sharing. I am currently in the same place of grief. I delivered my daughter at 35 weeks with severe brain damage from asphyxia and she was with us for 7 days. She passed away on June 27th. I am having a hard time comprehending that she is gone when she was so active in my tummy... You are in my thoughts and sending good vibes your way as you work through this pain.