Just put on Elecare

My baby has been fed nothing but breast milk in the nicu until two days ago when they put her on Elecare.  She's been dealing with a puffy tummy when they put her on full feeds of breast milk and they hope the Elecare won't do that.  This really made me pretty angry that they put her on formula, something that I really don't want for her.  Sadly, they won't change her back to breast milk on our request.  


Anyone else have a baby on Elecare and absolutely don't want them to be?

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  • Hi! We didn't do Elecare, but we did do Enfamil preemie, high calorie. Why? I stopped producing. I didn't get angry, I got more upset that I couldn't help my child. If my child is in the NICU she is already extremely fragile. If my breast milk is putting her in distress, I would be more than willing and happy to take DR's suggestion and try it. For me, the pain/anger, was stemming from me not being able to do my job as a mother and produce. I too, didn't want formula or anyone else forcing decisions on my child and I, however, I'm no Dr. I need to do what's best for my child--Whether I like it or not.
    You're doing great! Sounds like your child will be, too! Keep us updated, I'm curious to see if it worked with the puffy tummy. Liz
  • Hi there, mine didn't do Elecare but they did have to put mine on formula because I wasn't producing enough breast milk at the time. I, too, was frustrated that they had to be on formula, but it didn't last long and I was able to get them back on breast milk very quickly. Just take it one day at at time and see how her tummy does.