Late term premmie with feeding issues.... Help!

Hi, I gave birth via C-section to a late term preemie,, I had gestational diabetes, as well as gestational hypertension. My son was born perfect the doctors said. Then he had issues with his heart rate, NICU here we come. It was found that he has a extra electrical conduction in his heart very normal and he will grow out of it, needs to see doctor in 3 months, medication working fine, Cardiology releases us. I figure we are going home. Nope the NICU doctors state he does not eat well or enough NG tube in. It has now been 6 weeks and the doctors keep saying it is normal babies like this need time. He is eating about 73% of feed by bottle,,, why will they not send him home plus why is the damn tube still in.. Getting very depressed over this. Can someone shed some light or experience with this. Thank You.