Breastfeeding & preemies


I am a mom of a 29 weeker. He is now 11 weeks (1 week adjusted). I am sure this had been posted before, but am new to the site. I've been pumping since he was born and when we started bottle feeding him we also tried nursing 1-2x a day. I've met with lacation consultants in the hospital. He never nursed well. He would hang out for 5-8 minutes and maybe get a maximum of 10 good sucks. When he came home (2 weeks ago) he is not interested in nursing at all and often cries and pulls away when at the breast. I read in preemie books that most preemies do not tranistion to breast feeding b/c the bottle is easier. Just wondering if anyone else has experienced this? I was hoping to paritally nurse (especially during midnight and 3am feedings!) but am thinking this is not going to happen.

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  • I am struggling with my 28 weeker, as well.  She did well when I was still on maternity leave and exclusively breastfeeding.  Her latch was bad and she ate slowly, but we were able to work with it.  Once I returned to work and she started combining breast and bottle, she got nipple confusion and we are struggling.  Keep at it.  I know it's difficult...