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My son was born in July and I have been pumping since then.How long do I continue pumping? I pump 7 times a day and even on nights he sleeps through (6-7 hours) I am still up pumping at 2 am. I am afraid to lessen, b/c I don't want to run out. But I have a 5 cubic ft freezer full! How long/often did other preemie moms pump? Can I starting skipping the 2am? If baby sleeps through the night shouldn't mommy??

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    Thanks Ladies! Lindsay- yes I am usually able to get back to sleep. Leigh-I also felt the same way. I just didn't dawn on me that I could do less. It also never dawned on me that I was doing well until I started telling people how often I was pumping. I just thought, well this is what I am suppose to be doing.  I was doing 8-9, but when I went back to work and baby came home could only fit in 7. My biggest fear is running out! He is eating about 4oz per meal and I am pumping just over that per pump, but with the freezer full I think we will all survive if I go down to 6. Maybe I'll be a little saner as well.

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    It sounds like you're doing great with the pumping! I agree with the other ladies, if your baby sleeps through the night, you have a big supply, and you don't feel any discomfort by skipping 2am pumping, go ahead and skip!

    There is a website there are many pumping moms there.  I did not realize that you were ever "allowed" to stop pumping 8 times a day, lol. But as your supply is established, and the baby sleeps more, it is natural for you not to pump as often.

    Great job, mama!


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    I would absolutely say that yes you can skip that 2 a.m. pumping session. If baby is sleeping then you should also. Like the other ladies mentioned if you start seeing a decrease in your supply during the day then I would resume it but pumping before bed and when you wake up should do the trick. Great Question.


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    Great job on the pumping!  I exclusively pumped for a year with my preemie. I definitley gave up the middle of the night pumping after a few months and by the end of the year I was only pumping 4 times a day since he was eating solid food too.  It sounds like you have a nice stock pile too so you have a little back-up. If you notice a huge decrease in supply you can add back in another session.   Also if you're pumping more ounces than he drinks in a day you can definitley cut out a session.  Sleep away momma!


  • It sounds like you're doing amazing with the pumping! When you get up at 2 a.m. are you able to get back to sleep right away? If little one is sleeping soundly and you're not hurting, then I'd say feel free to sleep through too:)