Webinar Series in November


I'm mom to a 24 weeker preemie who is now a thriving toddler and I have recently launched a non-profit organization called Pebbles of Hope to provide parent education and support to low-income preemie families.  We will be hosting a webinar series in November on a variety of topics related to preemie nutrition. The November series will cover topics related to breastfeeding, nutritional requirements and food allergies. If interested, visit www.pebblesofhope.org/webinar-series to learn about the sessions and register.  Each session is $15 and all proceeds will go towards parent education programs provided by Pebbles of Hope.

Pebbles of Hope is committed to helping premature babies around the world survive and thrive. By leveraging the power of media, technology and community to provide education and training to parents and other caregivers, we are working to give premature babies born in low-resource areas an increased chance at survival and the opportunity to lead a healthy life. Visit our website atwww.pebblesofhope.org or check out our facebook page at www.facebook.com/pebblesofhope.