NG tube and Bottle Feeding progression....

My 34 week TEF baby Weston was discharged Monday after 45 NICU days with the NG tube- since being home my husband and I has been so frustrated because his bottle feeds and reflux seem to be regressing instead of thriving like all the docs said he would... Didn't think I would actually miss the progress in the NICU. Any advice/encouragement out there?

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    I wanted to let you know that we eventually switched to Pediasure peptide 1.5 It has 356 calories for 8oz. It is really pricey, but I always get it on Ebay and some insurances will cover it for you. Check with your nutritionist and see if it is a good match. My son kept it down pretty good. I can't remember how old they should be before switching to this formula though. We also struggled with his lack of hunger. He still takes Periactin (Cyproheptadine). This triggers his hunger (is an antihistamine that has a side effect of hunger). He's been on it for years and it has worked wonders. More intake and everything.
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    I can relate so much to these stories. My son since he was a couple days old he's been with a feeding tube. Also having trouble with reflux, bottle feeding and weight gaining. Still to this day he's on the feeding tube. Changing his milk and adding more calories to his milk, just so he can gain weight. Little by little tho, after therapy and practicing at home he's getting the hang of it. He is now 17 months old. My baby S.A.M.
  • Wow, that stinks. I'm sorry you are having to deal with feeding issues. It was and is so frustrating, stressful, and depressing for me.

    We had to learn to put in an NG tube before our baby was discharged because she wasn't the best eater. However, she didn't need it at home. Well, not really. When she stopped taking bottles, she was readmitted.

    My baby was a 26 weeker. She needed a specialty formula due to milk protein allergy. After she was switched, she took her bottles without a problem (solid food is a whole different problem). Ask your baby's doctor if you think you want to try a different formula.

    I'm sending you good vibes and hope the feeding faerie visits. (They told us in the NICU that one day they just start feeding like a faerie visits and poof... they eat.)

    Please let us know how he does. Hang in there!

  • My son was a 25 weeker, but he didn't come home on a NG tube. He had difficulty with feeding and would have horrible reflux. We tried switching between the different reflux medications until we found the right combination with prevacid dissolving tabs (we would put in water and give by syringe to his mouth) and we also had to change his formula. Are you on formula or breast milk? We went between quite a few formulas before we found that Enfacare was the best option for him. It wasn't cheap, but it helped in combination with the prevacid. We also kept him upright for about an hour after feeds to help him out.