G Tubes Anyone?

If your child has a G tube, please tell me about it. What type is it? How does your child receive nutrition? Is it all through the tube? Or do they eat some of their calories? When did your child get their G tube? Why did your child need a G tube?

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  • Nathan has had a g-tube since he was born. He's had several types over the years. Currently he has a MIC-KEY button which I think is the easiest to care for. His is a result of surgical complications from his birth defect. He is bolus fed using a pump 5x a day over an hour each time. He gets 220ml at each feeding. His formula is Peptamin Jr 1.5, the 1.5 means it's a higher calorie formula. Nathan eats nothing, he is 100% tube fed and always has been. At this point we're used to it and it's just another part of who he is. Getting a g-tube is scary and learning how to care for it is scary, but eventually it just becomes part of who they are and you get used to it. I will be at SU if you want to talk or have any questions.