Still birth at 39 weeks.

Hello Team,I am Aliganyira from Uganda.

I concieved last year 2018 around 5th aug and got so excited upon getting this precious pregnancy at the age of 34 upon trying for 4 years in husband Dr masaba was equally happy for this time went by,I started checkups as early as 3months and acomplished all without threat..At 8 months,shopping was at its peak as any other new expectant first mother.I took off leave because the body started being over strained.

11th may 2019 was my EDD but baby didn't come,on 12th I woke up with itches,rush en swellyskin allover my body.this upset me and prompted me to visit hospital.The attendants were so good to me,tried to listen to the fetal heart in vain,on scanning the bitter truth was revealed to me that baby was dead.Oh my God, darkness swallowed me in the morning!screamed like I had stepped a live electrical wire,made noise all over the hospital compound and eventually cooled down.

The inducement process followed on which also was another nail in acoffin,it took 3 days,so painful,worrying and baby failed to come out.on 13th every situation worsened,pressure shot to 2oo,sugar was at 13,had the highest number of injections in my life but ended in theatre because my life was almost lost.

Misery started afresh when this precious pretty handsome baby Isaiah came out..OMG this silent baby was so awesome.I became mad afresh..all in all the Holy Spirit visited me and I calmed.

I thank God he listened to my cry and instilled hope in I write I am hopeful God will restore wat the devil stole.

I am healing faster because my hope and trust is in Jesus christ.Deut 28.God promised many children to those who obey him.



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  • Welcome to Share Lydia. I am so very sorry to read about the loss of your baby boy Isaiah. I know how your heart must be breaking. While never long enough, I hope that you were able to spend some time with him. This journey isn't easy. Our son was born sleeping over 10 years ago. I still remember every detail. They will always be in our hearts and never far from our minds. Continue to lean on close friends and family.

    Thinking of you,