Lost my premature baby April 25th 2021

It was on 24th March 2021, gave birth to a premature baby at 24 weeks, it was taken to the icu, the first days were tough the baby got so much complication and actually on Easter Sunday when I visited the icu I knew my baby was going to die. I prayed so hard and that phase of swolling of the baby passed by. The baby started looking better and better every day. After that challenge the baby started getting Kidney failure and also that phase passed by. My baby has started doing well, and out of a sudden on 25 April 2021 I was called from the icu that my baby had passed on. I have not been given any report and I have a lot of questions in my head. This is because I had believed that my baby had passed the most critical phase of life. Right now I am confused and depressed.