My wife and I are in such a distress from the pregnancy complications she is experiencing

My wife is in her third trimester (35 weeks) of pregnancy. She is experiencing complications that involve two problems: breech position and Rh sensitization. She has been hospitalized for continuous, intensive follow up for two weeks now, and it has been decided that she must remain in hospital. The baby has been diagnosed for severe anaemia. Her blood contains Rh antibodies, which are destroying the baby's circulating red blood cells, and the fetal anaemia is the result of this incompatibility. This situation has also caused another problem: accumulation of too much amniotic fluid in the womb. The doctors made two attempts to give a blood transfusion to the baby, but they were unsuccessful because of the baby's breech position. They can't reach for its umbilical cord, through which the transfusion is supposed to be administered. Their attempt to get him turned into the right position has been unsuccessful. Now she is taking an oral medication for ten days, and that is supposed to help the baby by strengthening his lungs and etc., that being a process of preparing him for caesarean delivery after ten days.

My wife and I wish our baby could stay in his mom's womb for the full term, grow and become ready for birth naturally. Unfortunately, letting him stay in the womb any longer has graver risks to the extent of threatening his life. On the other hand, getting him out through the caesarean delivery method at this stage of pregnancy denies him the chance of natural development of the brain, lungs and heart. Of course, from what we have understood about the pros and cons of both options, we have made on his behalf the decision that the caesarean procedure should be carried out. But that is not helping us any better, and we are going through painful distress. I can say that it is worse for my wife. We are concerned about the kind of life our baby might face in the future. It is an embittering experience to not know how to help our baby.

I would appreciate it so much if anyone can share their knowledge and experience in these matters, please?