Ava has RSV And 2 ear infections!!!!

Friday night i layed Ava down to sleep and she just couldn't sleep she would cry and then cough, even coughed so hard that she vomited.She would'nt eat and her diapers were not wet. And then she started weezing. We were up all night long! Then in the morning she started feeling really warm i checked her temp it was 101.7. I packed up and took Ava to the hospital. when we got to the hospital her temp was 102.2, She got a chest X-ray and tested for RSV. So after 4 resp treatments and her stats going all the way down to 80and then back up to 99.It turns out that she has two ear infections and has RSV. She responded well throughout the night to the resp treatments. So they let me take Ava home with antibiotics for her ears and Inhaler every 3 hours.

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  • I just wanted to reply to your question since the original post was strated in 2007. My daughter is a former 23 weeker who is now 2 1/2 years old.

    She caught RSV in december 07 and as a result we had a 13 day PICU stay. Unfortunately, my daughter had to be inutubated and put on ventilator for 7 days as she has BPD and the infection just took over.

    Part of her treatment while on the ventilator and once she was off was nebulizer treatments. She would get Xopenex (a dialator to open her up) every 3 hours and Pulmicort (inhaled steriod) every 12 hours. Some children recieve Albuterol treatments instead of Xopenex, but they both do the same thing.

    My daughter was on these medications prior to RSV, but just for maintenance.

    Hope that helped.

    Take care,

    oh just thought of something else, I dont know the technical name for it, but respitory therapist would cup her hand and pat my daughters back to break up the mucus or something like that. It's kind of the same concept as in the nicu when they would put that little vibrator thing on the baby's back while giving a breathing treatment.
  • Question
    What respiratory treatments did she get please??
  • RSV
    We just endured the complications of RSV this past weekend with a four day stay. My daughter was born at 26 weeks but is now 14 months old. We have taken every precaution but with the RDS at birth and her BPD as a result this illness caught us a little off guard!
  • Oh I am so sorry you and AVA had to go through that. My daughter had RSV this season too. Its just as miserable for mommy too I think.

    Hang in there!

  • Poor little thing!! RSV *and* ear infections - yuck! I bet she was miserable!!

    I hope the antibiotics have helped and she is back to her "old" self - and that you are getting some sleep! :)

    Take care,