RSV & Swimming Pools

Hi everyone, I'd love to take my daughter (11.5 months old- 29 weeker) to the local swimming pool but I am fearful of her getting RSV. Let me be more specific... I am fearful of her getting RSV anywhere. Germaphob-mom. So far so good no RSV. I am wondering if anyone out there knows how safe it is to take our preemies swimming? Does the chlorine kill off RSV virus? Or is the community pool just one big germ factory?All opinions welcomed and wanted. Let me know what you think. Thanks MOD family! Makena's Mom

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  • Hey there!
    I hate to contribute to the germaphobia but........

    Alex caught coxsackie last summer and I really think he got it at the public pool. Our ped calls coxsackie the "summer RSV". I still take him places, just not the pool anymore. And I carry purell and antibacterial wipes in my purse. All the time :pbpt:

  • Well - I think you're fairly safe right now because it isn't RSV season. That's not to say that Makena won't catch something...because being in a public place means you're exposed to germs. *is* summer, and the liklihood of her getting a serious illness in summer is slim. Or at least the odds are greater that she won't.

    If your ped thinks it's ok to take Makena out then that's what I'd do. You'll be in lockdown for the winter - so I'd enjoy this time while I could!

    FYI: Most of us moms on Share are germ freaks! :)