My son was born at 25 weeks and got rsv in the hospita! He has been getting synigis shots every month until his 2nd b-day and they stoped it! I do not know why? But he has always gotten sick easily, he was diagnosed with chronic lung disease, so we watch him very carefully! His little sister got rsv the last winter, it was her first winter so I tried to keep her inside as much as possibel, but at the grocerie store- you can catch anything! And little ones ammune systems are still so weak! To others it might just be a cold or flu but to little ones it is life or death! They put her on medicine and I had to keep her away from her brother! That was so hard and trying to keep everthing so clean. And make sure I always wash my hands! Everyone always wash your hands- when ever you do anything!!!l

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  • RSV
    Hi, this is Pam with the education department at the March of Dimes. Sorry that your son and daughter have both had RSV. It may help you to know that RSV is common among children under 2.

    Here's an article on our Web site that has more information.

    With best wishes to you and your family.