Chewing A.D.'s and mouth desensitization

I am attaching a photos of blue tubing and of Katie's Nuk brush. The blue tubing has really helped build and strengthen her mouth muscles, allowing her to suck more effectively. She also chews on the tubing and we are hoping that this will result in a better chewing pattern for foods. The Nuk brush was very instrumental while getting Katie over her oral motor sensory issues.

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    Re: Chewing A.D.'s and mouth desensitization
    When we first introduced them, she only played with them (brushed her hair with the Nuk and acted like the tubing was a pretend straw). I'll tell you it took a while for her to get comfortable using them correctly...many fits, many pushes away, many tears.... Now she will insert them into her own mouth and chew on themor roll them over her tongue... sometimes we dip them both in juice or lemonade. She especially likes the Nuk brush now. Good luck, Kate!

    Love, Kelly
  • Kelly - I love this folder! I think it will provide much comfort, advice, and support. What a great way to share tips and techniques!
  • We have yet to try these but I should order some...thanks for the reminder Kel...does Katelyn just play with them? Will you put them in her mouth on her own??