Influenza Type B

I was just wondering if anyone's child have been dignoasied with Influenza Type B? Our daughter had gotten while she was in the NICU and they told us that it was very rare and that she wouldnt make it. She has now tested negative for it the last 3 weeks so we think that we are over that hurdle. I just wanted to know if anyone out there has had to deal with that or is going through the same thing now.

2 Replies

  • I am so sad to hear all that you have been through. I am glad though that it seems to have passed. Keep us updated on how your little one progresses.

  • I'm so sorry that your daughter is having to deal with one more thing while she's in the NICU. It's so tough!! I haven't had this experience myself, but I'm sure that others have. I hope that your family has great news soon and that the infection is gone.

    Tracy :grin: