sophia 21 months

Ok  sophia was a 29 weeker did well in the nicu was home in 37 days she has had reflux ever since she was in the nicu. my issue is she has been on zantac since earlier this yr. She has a nebulizer for wheezing she still coughs at times and throws up. she has a very sensitive gag reflux. she does not chew her food all the way so it sits then she coughs and vomits. I am not sure how much more I can do we feed her we avoid things that give her issues. I just wish it would stop  

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    I'm glad the Prevacid seems to be helping!  I hope she starts eating more soon.


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    Oh I am sorry that you all are dealing with this, especially with the new baby due soon. Tucker used to throw his food to the dogs, dogs loved him!

    The problem is often that kids associate pain with eating for so long, that when the medical pain is over, they still have that negative association with eating and swallowing food. Is she in feeding therapy?

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    liz no sophia was never trached

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    thank you everyone we started her on prevacid so far she is not coughing so much. her new thing now is she is not eating all her food she is throwing it on the floor. for the dogs so frustrating lol. she loves fruit chews and would et a whole box if you let her. I know kids go through this she loves friut and veggies just wish she would eat her food more

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    I'm still thinking of you and your little one. Feeding issues are so frustrating and scary for me. Keep us posted!


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    thank you ladies we currently stopped the zantac she was stull coughing and throwing up. she still does at times I need to call the dr this week he wanted her off of it for 2 weeks to decide if it is reflux or not. she throws up alot of mucous  and does not chew properly has always had this issue. I just want it to get better already. I will update when we hear more :)

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    My 18 month old, Charlie, has been in feeding therapy for almost a year due to her sensitive gag reflex. Her doctor has diagnosed her with a feeding disorder.  She also has terrible reflux and is on zantac for it. I have discovered that she spits up less if she eats partially hydrolyzed whey protein formulas as opposed to regular milk products. (Yes, she is still formula dependent.) Every baby is different. These are just a few ideas that happened to work for us. Good luck to you.

    Yes, keep us updated. I'm interested in learning more ideas.


  • Hi!

    Tori had these exact problems.  Was Sophia trached at all?  Tori was on Zantac for a long time.  Coughing till she pukes?  We had to find the right medications through our pulmonary dr.  She did it for a couple of years.  We also worked with an occupational and dietary therapist.

    Keep us updated, I'm curious to know!