My baby's early intervention therapist has suggested speaking to the doctor about getting Ankle Foot Orthotics for my baby. I guess, she's a toddler now. Anyhow, I wanted to hear from other parents who child has them. Did they help? Did you child mind wearing them? Any considerations I need to think about? 


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    So glad to hear that things with her new AFO's are going well. No doubt that little fighter will make tremendous progress wearing them.


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    Just wanted to say that Imani had her first set of AFO's when she was less than a year old and she is 5 years old.   She was born with bilateral foot deformity and always had issues with how her feet are shaped/range of motion etc.  

    There is an adjustment period with each new AFO's (she gets a new one each year) but she does not mind them one bit. She wears them every day for school and sometimes on the weekend.  

    I can say that they have helped her tremendously.  If you compare the old AFO's to the new ones, you can see how much her feet have improved.  For the past 3 years she has been using ones made by Cascades, they are really flexible and easy to put on.  

    Good luck!


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    She got her AFOs last Wednesday... so far so good. *fingers crossed*

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    I actually used to babysit for a little boy who wore them. He didn't mind them at all. He actually had to wear some sort of bar that connected the shoes together when he was sleeping also and he didn't seem to mind that either. He was also probably about the same age as your little one. Kids are super resilient. They are always less bothered by those types of things than adults. Thankfully!


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    I have seen other kiddos with them in the lobbies of the therapy clinics we visit weekly.  They don't seem to mind them. My little boy just got fitted for some orthotics. I was afraid he'd freak out when being wrapped up for the cast, but he did fine as we explained every step before it happened. I know this is a bit different from the AFO. I hope she tolerates it and helps a bunch in time.


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    My daughter did not have them but I know people who did have them and they definitely helped. Some of the biggest things were comfort and fit but also finding shoes (esp. cute ones as they got older) that fit.

    Good luck and let us know how they go.


  • I wish I knew for sure of someone that had mentioned their little one that had AFOs!  I'm sure that someone on here has but I can't think of them!  I know I had ankle braces when I was little because I walked on my toes and couldn't even flatten my feet out if I tried and my mom says that I didn't really mind them at all.  Probably not quite the same thing though.