How many dossages after first year of Synagis

Hello, i just finish my 28 weeker daughter's synagis round for this year, 5 dossages in total, one each month. Since i live outside US synagis is realtive new here in my country. I was talking with my ped about the next dossage of Synagis in the next year for my princess. He said that most parents dont get the dossages after the first year since it is so expensive and no insuarence company will pay for it, but if i am willing to pay for it probably in the nexts 2 years she would just need 1 dossage of synagis each year. He didnt sound so sure, so i was wondering, any of you out there, how many dossages of synagis your kids got after their first year? I know the convertion is 15 ml for each kg, did you had several dossages or just one? Please anyone want to share? Lorena

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  • I'm a little late joining in on this, but my daughter received two years of it. She was healthy, however they felt she would still benefit from getting it versus the chance of getting RSVP. Advocate for your children. You are their voice.
    Good luck.
  • Nathan also didn't get a second year of Synagis. The Dr. said that he was doing well and he was so big that he couldn't get it anymore (something about his weight).
  • Tori got two years. I fought my insurance company to get it the 2nd year. When she didn't get it, she got RSV. Children's hospital stay.

    Fight for your kids!

  • My insurer did not pay for the second winter of dosage as my son was no longer homebound and he was not diagnosed as having pulmonary distress related to prematurity anymore. I was sort of sad. I am still so scared now that he is at a home daycare that he will get RSV!
  • Usually children only receive synagis for one year unless they are not getting better, have particularly poor immune systems etc. It is really the doctor's (and the insurers call; most will not pay for a second year). My daughter received a second year's worth b/c she had stopped growing and her breathing issues were deteriorating so the ped and pulmonolgist decided she needed a second year. It is nerve wracking but try to look at it in a positive way: your doctors feel that she is doing so well that she doesn't need it.
    Good luck with cold and flu season.
  • dossages
    I really dont have any idea......
    But for all mothers out there
    MAKE SURE THEYRE DOING THEYRE JOB(CHEKIN BUBS WEIGHT BLOOD OXYGEN ETC) if they hadnt given my son the dose thay they did he would of probably still been here.
    :angry: :frown:
  • Hello
    My baby she is 1 year old and she had just 5 synagis vaccine, and i was thinking she is going to get more this november, but the doctor said no! because she is healthy and getting stronger, but i was concern about it. But he say we can give her the regular flu shot and the H1N1. I took her on tuesday and i have to go back in december for the second dosis. Just one thing , maybe I worrie every single day about she can catch a FLU, even my husband, we just worried if she is coughing or she has a runny nose, some times I think we worrie too much about her, or we get alarm for everything, any one think the same way? :eek:
  • My daughter received Synagis for her first winter due to her very low birth weight and her tender lungs, but did not qualify for it for her second. Thankfully, she had no problems, but we were super careful to monitor how much she was out and around others during cold and flu season.

    Tracy :grin:
  • Hi Lorena,

    This is Lindsay and I work at the March of Dimes.

    Synagis works by providing the necessary antibodies to protect against respiratory syncytial virus. It requires a monthly injection into the muscle tissue of the thigh during the peak RSV season. In the U.S. this begins in the fall and continues for about five months (usually November through April). Injections are repeated every year until the child is no longer at high risk.

    Ellen's suggestion of chatting you your child's doctor about her specific case and needs is an excellent one.

    Stay well,

    Lindsay W.
    Pregnancy & Newborn Health Education Center
  • Hi Lorena,

    My daughter got synagis for two years and our insurance did pay but that is rare b/c You still need one dose per month during RSV season. It is an antibody so it is a short term solution, not long-term like a vaccine so one dose probably would not do much good. They told us it would be about 1000 dollars/dose. This was three years ago. I think it was good to have the two years but it all depends on the health of your child. If she is doing well, I wouldn't worry as much as if they already have other medical, esp pulmonary complications but as always ask your ped and specialists.

    Good luck.