Follow Up Appointments

Charlie has a follow up appointment and evaluation with her developmental pediatrician on Wednesday. I am a little nervous because the past few times we've gone we discover another issue that needs addressing. Is it just me or does anyone else dread follow up appointments?

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  • In reply to Hunter and Randi's Mom:

    Oh yes, I feel this way every time we bring Tucker to several specialists. It's like, as long as I don't know about an issue, it doesn't exist right?? No, not really, but still. :/

    Good luck with the appointment!! Let us know how it goes.

  • I did dread the developmental pediatrician (Hunter was discharged at 4).  Every time they told me something new, I would want to kick myself for not seeing it before. I still feel that way when we have IEP meetings.  

    Wishing you and Charlie lots of good luck for tomorrow!  I'm keeping my fingers crossed that there is nothing new other than good news this time.