Water broke at 17 and half weeks, and baby was delivered at 28 weeks

Hello, my son Aiden was born at 28 weeks after having my water break at 17 and half weeks. He was able to stay in little longer. C section was scheduled for February 9th but he decided to be a New Years baby. We started off good. Got off the ventilator quickly and got on the c pap. And then after a couple weeks of being born he got the nec infection. So he went back on the ventilator and had antibiotics for a week with no feedings. Got him past that point and I think it slowed him down with his breathing. After his infection he’s had 2 blood transfusions and the last one he had after it was done we were doing his care and he turned blue and they had to bag him. Which is the hardest thing I’ve ever had to witness. And now he’s on high flow, but still requires a lot of oxygen and their talking bout doing a g tube in his belly. Which scares me so much cuz it requires surgery! He’s been in the nicu since January 1st and I’ve been staying at the Ronald McDonald House and I’m mentally and physically drained!

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    I'm in a quite similar situation, my son has a swollen tummy and he is on ventilator without any feeds, I am so scared for him and at the same time I believe that God will make it right.
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    My water broke at 24 weeks. Baby boy born at 26weeks. Born feb 18th. Been almost 4months. He was on high flow and then cpap for the 2 months. We’ve been working on his feeding but he’s just not consistent. We are finally deciding on the gtube as much as we are afraid. It’s time for him to come home and this is our only option. We’ve tried everything we could. I even spent the night by his side feeding on demand. We have a 3yr old and we are both working. I saved 1 month of maternity leave for when he comes home. Surgery is on Tuesday. Can’t wait to have this all behind us. Just grateful he’s doing well otherwise.
  • I am going through this very similar situation now with my son Jude. I developed severe preeclampsia near the end of my 28th week. I had to have an emergency c-section the first day of my 29th week on a March 2nd, 2018. Jude was born at 2lbs, 13oz. The first couple days he was doing well with cpap on room air. But just this Monday March 12, his umbilical are for really red and swollen and his tummy got very distended. They drew labs and sent his blood off to be cultured which came back showing an infection. He’s being treated currently with 2 broad spectrum antibiotics until the culture sensitivities come back to make sure the infection is being covered by the antibiotics they have him on. They did pull his feedings and cpap and put him on the ventilator. Last nights, his swelling in his tummy has gone down some but he has a lot of sectetions in his lungs which are making it hard for him to breathe. He had a couple episodes where the alarms were going off as he was unable to breathe. The respiratory therapist had to get involved and sucknout the fluid buildup. It was so hard to see him turning red and blue when he was struggling to breathe. Today they are doing a spinal tap to make sure the infection his not on his spine/spinal fluid, which could lead to his brain. I’m so scared and stressed all at the same time. My husband and two other children are at home which is over an hour away and I’m working again starting this week in order to save my maternity leave for when Jude gets out of the NICU.