Waiting on bottles

Kit was born at 27w6d and we’re now at 44 weeks and waiting to for him to be able to take all his meals by mouth so we can leave. We’ve been at this stage for a while now and this week, Kit has been sleeping hard and doesn’t even wake up for each meal. We’ve also seen an increase in spit-ups lately as his reflux acts up. This endless holding pattern is so frustrating. Kit was born mid-move after I’d been in the hospital for almost 2 full months on bedrest with an incompetant cervix. Dad comes down weekends after driving 400+ miles because I’m still in our original city while he’s alone up north with his new job. I haven’t seen our cats since early April or had more than about 8 shirts I’m endlessly rotating between. Are we getting close to needing a G-tube? Just how long will the doctors want to keep trying while in the NICU?

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