35 Week Old Baby Boy

My son was born at 35 weeks and spent a month in the NICU.  It felt like forever, but was worth it.  My son was born was 5 weeks early due to putting my wife in labor.  He was causing harm to my wife liver and other organs by having preeclampsia which she had with my older son but not this bad.  She had him via c-section on June 7th 2017.  He was at a level 2 hospital, but had to be taken by a helicopter 5 hours after delievery to a level 1 NICU Children's hospital.  My son was born to early that his lungs were not fully developed, he was not breathing on his own plus took in some fluid on his way out.  My son was born little after 5:00PM and was taken around 11:00PM to a different state about an hour away from me and his mother.  My wife was numb from waist down so she could not walk, or hold him.  Her hospital bed was able to fit in his room and all she got to see was his feet.  He was intubated for 6 days then had to wear bubble c-pap for another 5 days.  My son had issues with the whole swallowing, breathing, sucking when he was eating..he would forget to breath and make his HR drop..alarms go off nurses come running.  My wife was discharged 2 days later and we spent every single day hour min there with him.  Today his currently a health 17month old toddler who has his dad wrapped around his finger for sure.  

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  • Welcome to share. Preeclampsia can can be a scary thing. I'm so glad to hear he is a healthy 17 month old today. It's amazing how quickly they wrap us around their fingers.