First baby vacation Florida Disney baby Christmas baby! 12/25/16

Hi my name is tiffany my husband and I have been together for about 8 years we finally got pregnant June of 2016 everything was going so well we were so happy thrilled even that this even happened since we were both told we couldn't have babies. Anyway long story short we went to Florida for Christmas vacation we arrived Christmas eve I began to feel off like I had to poop really bad but nothing was coming out so I layed down blew it off because I obviously wasn't thinking I was in preterm labor. The next morning we got up and went to magic kingdom everything was good for about 2 hours then I started to have really bad pains fallowed by brown discharge the pain got so bad we decided to go to the local er walked in got me back immediately doctor came it looked down there said to me dont panic but your about to have this baby mind you I'm only 27 weeks and 4 days along! I was like no I cant its to early not for another 3 months. They called another doctor from florida childrens hospital had them rush there and my son was delivered right there in the er on Christmas day at 3:13pm (12/25/2016) he was originally due on March the 22nd 2017 he did cry but not much they rushed him away it all happened so quick thank goodness my amazing in laws were there by my side! We were both transported to Florida childrens where he remained in the NICU for 3 months and I stayed at the Ronald McDonald house while my husband went back to tennesse to work while flying every other weekend to come see us! He is now almost 2 36 pounds and 33 inches he does have a few problems and obviously developmentally delayed but I'm so thankful! God works in mysterious ways and he definitely watched over my sweet malaki he is my angel!

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  • What a rollercoaster of an experience. I'm so glad he is doing well. It must have been so hard being away from home.
    I hope you will update us on how he is doing as Malaki grows.