My story of how a member of the march of dimes costed me my health and the well being of my child

Hi everyone,


I have heard so many phenomenal things about the March of Dimes. I always loved what the aspect of this foundation and the help it provided. However, it saddens me how such an amazing corporation that supports mother health and baby wellness, would allow people to tarnish their reputation.


I am a mother of a preemie. My daughter is a miracle baby. I call her a miracle, not because she fought the good fight. But, because I had my tubes tied when she was conceived. Yes, you heard that right. Last Christmas 2017, I found out I was having my second daughter. You would think at this time I would be jumping up for joy and excited to announce to my family... Not the case at all.


I am about to share my brutal experience of how a mother who advocates for the march of dimes, put me through nines months of turmoil and hell. Almost costing my life and my child's life.


My husband and I found out I was 6 weeks pregnant after having a visit at The Woman's Hospital for a yearly check up. Talk about a shock! Luckily, my sweet little girl made it through the fallopian tubes just fine.


My husband was married years before me to his first wife. They had one child together, who is now 11. Upon birth, he was also a micro preemie. He was diagnosed as time went on with mute autism and severe anxiety. My husband left his ex wife shortly after their son was born. They had been divorced 8 years when we married.

His ex wife did not take a liking to me when we first met. Considering, she has not been with anyone in 8 years, since my husband left. She devoted her life to Brock and hoping one day my husband would come back.

Now, two months after my husband and I's marriage, my husbands parents are vocal about their relationship with his ex wife. They have lunches with her, dinners and even hang out with her at family functions. Now, being his new wife I found this very odd. As time goes on I got more and more uncomfortable. For instance, I would go to my stepson's soccer game, my in laws would show up and instead of sitting by me, they would sit by her. I finally said something and was told she would always be their daughter in law. My husband and I have not spoken to them in a year today.

Here it is, Christmas 2017, I just found out we were having our first born together and I could not even share my joy with my mother in law. Very heartbreaking.

Beyond that point, my stepson was always craving for attention from my husband (his father.) Which is understandable when little boys are that age. However, he insisted on craving bad attention. The day after Christmas he beat up my 4 year old daughter. To the point, she had a black eye and swollen lip. When I tried to talk to his mother, I got no response, neither did my husband. The next time he came to our house, we had learned his mother had put him on an anti depressant. We learned later on, he has been on that depressant since he was 6. My husband was never made aware. For 4 years my husband had no idea his son was on medication.

About a month after I found out I was pregnant, I got called into my boss's office. Someone had been make harassing phone calls about me and had also made some very horrible accusations towards my personal life. I was let go. I go home very upset. Started looking for another job. That same day I had fallen from passing out. My husband rushed me to the hospital. My blood pressure was extremely low and my OB assigned me to bed rest.

So, here we are living off one income. A month later, we went to my stepson's soccer game. My in laws show up with my husband's ex wife. My oldest daughter who is 4, runs up to them to greet them. They literally shunned her and walked off. She was so upset. She looked up at me and asked " why do they not like me " How horrible. His ex wife of course, laughed and so did my stepson. Yes, my stepson was unfortunately believed to hate me.

A month later, I am in my living room cleaning. When I hear this moaning sound. It was coming from my 4 year old daughters ipad. She was watching ***. I asked her how did she get to this sight? She told me my stepson had put it on her ipad. I immediately bring her to the pediatrician where I find out that her stepbrother had not only been showing her this, he had been performing sexual acts on her. My child had to go through weeks of counseling.

After the mental abuse, the physical abuse and now she was being molested. I told my husband he had to see his son out side of our home

This lasted only a few weeks. And, this is why

My first born was from a previous marriage. She is now 4, as I had stated. Her biological father has never really been involved. Just saw her when he wanted to. My husband's ex wife went as far as tracking him down on FB and telling him that her son was molesting his daughter and he needed to take her out of the situation. Boom. Two weeks later, early in the morning I am served with full custody papers for my daughter. On top of this, I am depressed. Of course, who would not be. I was seeing the hospital psychiatrist for womens health. Get this, My hsbands ex wife is a RN and she use to work at Woman's Hospital. She had a friend tell her I was seeing a psych and boom again, she went to refile for child custody and asked that I get a psych eval done.

At this point, I am just in so much distress. I am so depressed. My in laws wont nothing to do with my daughter, their granddaughter and my husband's ex wife just won't leave us alone. On top of this, I had seen a fetal medicine doctor and was told that my child was not growing. I'm 30 weeks and I am having to be put in the hospital on watch due to my blood pressure dropping and also my little one's heart rate.

I was released a week later on an even more strict bed rest. I then get on social media and see that my in laws and my husbands ex wife are having a day out. With my hormones, it just killed me.

The next day, his ex wife called OCS on my 4 year old daughter at her daycare. She stated that I was not taking care of her properly. I had OCS come in my house to do a walk through. I was redeemed. However, here I am 7 months pregnant. I already am on an emotional roller coaster as it is just with my hormones.

I sat in my bath tub the next day, depressed, crying having suicidal thoughts run through my mind. My husband took me straight to the hospital and ultimately induced me. My daughter was born at 33 weeks, not breathing. I was told that day to prepare for a burial. It did not look good for her. She pulled through. I spent weeks, along with my husband in the NICU watching my child fight for her life. And, when my husband asked if he could atleast let his son meet his sister, his ex wife's reply was "no, he doesn't need to meet her"

How can you stand and walk for MARCH OF DIMES, but my daughter does not matter. I want everyone to know how much of a fraud this person is. To advocate for a such a huge foundation and shun my daughter. March of Dimes is to support not only premature birth but also the health of the carrying mother. I was put through hell and back. JESSICA DUNAWAY is her name.

My in laws have still not seen their grandchild nor asked to this day.

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    My husband is actually a police officer. We filed charges. It was because young ages, nothing could be done except keep the apart. It was horrible. Thank you for your prayers! I never thought to bring it up to administration in our Baton Rouge location. She actually doesn’t work for them, she is just a huge advocate for them.
  • Wow I'm sorry you had to endure of this because a woman doesn't want to move on with her life and accept her ex husband new family. Yet I must say which such facts you should have press charges on her son and also file harassment on her for starters. So sorry your baby girl had to go through that also. On the bright side I am happy to hear your beautiful 33 weeker is doing fine. As for Jessica you should seek out a complaint with the March of some  administration. She doesn't deserve to work for them at all. I hope your daughter (4 year old) is doing better and I pray for your and your preemie baby girl . Everything will work out for you. Keep the faith but don't let her or her son get away with what they have done. It could happen to another little girl one day.