Foster momma

I got the call about a baby who was 6 week old in the NICU alone with medical problem. It was an easy yes. Not sure what I was getting into 100%. All I though was I had twins in NICU. This sweet baby already had surgery and needed more. She was born at 31 weeks. Drugs in her system and more. This was a lot more than what my twins dealt with. A lot has changed with the NICU in 25 years. At first I felt out of place. But after 4 weeks I am use to it all. I know other parents in there and their babies. But I wonder how many foster parents have foster a NICU baby. As i am here going through all the emotions and hoping we get to adopt, yet knowing that at anytime that can tell us we are no longer needed. We love this little girl no matter what the future holds for her.