Any advice?

My baby boy Kiros was born at 31 weeks; a tiny baby. My water broke on a Tuesday and o didn’t go into labour until Friday morning. He is currently in the NICU and he’s seems to be getting better everyday but I can’t help but compare his progress to those of the other babies around him. I also feel alone in this process as he’s the first baby in my family to have to spend time in the NICU and nobody understands how I feel or the concerns I have. I can’t help but feel alone in this process and I try not to project that onto my baby but I’m having a really hard time especially when I feel like everything I’m going through is my fault.

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    I know exactly how you feel, I gave birth to my baby boy at 27weeks this Valentine's day due to severepreeclampsia and HELLP syndrome. I blamed me so hard and cried my eyes out for days, but taking some meds and talking to a specialist helped a lot. Also just talking to my husband, getting reassurance that it was not my fault, helped a lot.
    If u ever need to talk to someone, pls just msg me!
    Hope you and baby feels great!
  • Don’t feel alone ...we all are going thru our own story but we have to reach out and make sure we are taking care of ourselves too. Believe me I know it’s hard cuz I’m famous for not taking care of myself thee last few weeks