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My pregnancy was high risk the entire time . I had a bleed at six weeks then had no fluid at sixteen weeks . Two fetal medicine doctors told me there was no hope so I reached out to a specialist and did three amnioinfusions, an amniopatch, and was on complete bed rest for months . Finally at 25 weeks I was admitted to the hospital for what was suppose to be two months . Instead my daughter came at 27 +4 weeks at 2.2 lbs . She’s now been in the nicu for 18 days . It’s been a journey but we know that she’s in the best hands . So I’m a new nicu mommy

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    I'm right there too lady's but my baby came right at the end of my 26 weeks she was 6lbs and 13 oz but she had trouble breathing and had fluid in her lungs and her heart beat was fast. Shes come along way. She was born on 6-22-20. Shes still in the nicu but shes off all assistance just needs to eat on her own and not through feeding tube and gain weight. Shes a tough little cookie and shes getting better with each day slow but steady.
  • I’m right there w you. I had my boy at 27 weeks too and now he weighs 3 lb & was only 2 lb 14 oz at birth. We been in three different hospitals due to distance from home and now we finally settled in one where he will remain until he gets big and strong. I never would of thought I’d be here but I know I have to be strong for my little man.