A healthy baby after child loss-stories anyone ?

I lost my son 4 days back due to a rare heart condition. Fella was just 1 month old.

I dnt need to explain how it feels to anyone here.

I don't think I will or have the capability to experience a greater pain....May God spare us all such severe tests.

I am creating this thread to hear stories of mothers who have dealt with such situations and went on to give birth to healthy babies. I am here looking for hope. I am here looking for some happiness.

I am 35 years now and I somehow feel scared deep down for obvious reasons.

Please ..help me....please....I m craving some encouragement and support.

May God be with us all

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  • I am so very sorry for the loss of your precious baby. I lost my daughter eight years ago last month. She was my world and everything I ever wanted. I was very afraid to have more children. A little over 13 months after I lost my daughter I had my son. And a little shy of two years after that I had another son. They are now (almost) 7 and 5. Right now, it may not feel like life can go on or that you can have another baby. I know the gripping fear. Let hope be your guide. I just published a book that I hope will help you. The point of the book is to give others hope and to let people know they are not alone in this journey of baby loss. You can find it here: WestBow Press (tinyurl.com/TheSunWillRiseWestBow) or Amazon (tinyurl.com/TheSunWillRiseAmazon). I hope it brings you comfort and the hope you are seeking. <3
  • Hi Priyanka Im sorry for your loss of Fella Ive been an angel mum of 2 boys now for a very long time. I lost my first son in 1988 23 weeks my other son in 1990 26 weeks and my 2nd son died of a heart condition which caused him to heart attacks at the age of 2mths old The dr said it was a very rare condition that happens to 1 baby out of 50,000 and they couldn't tell me why or where the condition came from. But I can tell you that the preterm labour was caused by me having an incompetent cervix. In 1993 I tried again and had a premmie baby girl born at 34 weeks she was 3lb 14oz She was tiny like a doll Shes very healthy now other than her asthma (its a rare type) but shes as tough as nails Shes 26yrs now and drives front and back loader trucks After her I had another girl in 1996 she was full term shes 23 and shes a teachers aid for children with special needs I know its scary to think of having another child and that it might happen again but that's not always the case I was scared too but I really just didn't give up. I went to a great hospital and they keep a good eye on me as a high risk pregnancy I spent 8 weeks in hospital with my 1st daughter I hated staying there but Id do anything to keep my baby and I sort of felt safe there I hope Ive given you some hope that there is hope for the future that it is possible when your ready to try again ((Hugs)) Sue
  • In reply to LauraGordillo:

    Priyanka, I am so sorry that I missed your post. Thank you for sharing your story. I am sorry to hear about your loss.

    I, too, am a loss mom to twin boys who were born at 22w5d in march 2007. It had taken many years of infertility treatments to conceive them, and I was lost.

    I struggled again to get pregnant and had to resort to IVF. I did get pregnant with a singleton, who was full term. She just turned 10.

    After I lost my sons, I met with a high-risk doctor who helped establish a plan for any pregnancies going forward. Having that plan in place helped ease my fears somewhat, although I will admit it took me most of that pregnancy before I exhaled.

    I hope you will check in and let us know how you are. We are here to support you.

  • Hi Priyanka - thank you for sharing your story. I'm so sorry for the loss of your son. I hope you find comfort and support here on Share - we're here to help you through this! You're not alone. Sending lots of love to you and your family! I hope today is a good day <3