Missing My baby Mila Lynnea

Almost a month ago I faced my greatest fear; the death of one of my daughters.

I lost my daughter Mila Lynnea almost a month ago on 1/19. It was her birthday and day that she died. I miss her every day and going back to work has been difficult. The grief comes in waves a couple times a day now. I have cried openly without hesitation because I miss my little baby girl and I love her so much.

-My first letter for Mila-

My Mila Lynnea, our hearts broken when we could not hear your heartbeat. My baby girl, I will never forgot holding you in my arms, your cute little nose, tiny fingers and toes. Thank you Mila for our first and last father daughter dance, I will hold onto that memory forever. Our time toghter was short and something I will cherish my whole life. Before we left you, I had to sing all our family lullabies as I put you down to sleep one last time.

Mila's Daddy

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