29yr and 31yrs ago I sadly became a member of the angel baby/ies group :(

OMG Where did time go? Its just flown by and to think back then when this was all unfolding I was thinking how in the hell am I going to get through this?  I was not really sure how, I just did wow. I look back now and think all those What ifs and whys questions that ran round my head  but I guess Ill never really know all the answers of what unfolded through those days and years. But Ive excepted that maybe Im just not suppose to know all the answers. I was so convinced at the beginning of this all unfolding that my world had crashed and burned but now I look back and I survived it. I survived the heart break, the grieving, the tears and every other roller coaster feelings and thoughts I thought back then. You know what Im a survivor yep little me I got through this.  

My advice to anyone that has loss an angel baby is treasure all your  memories. Take time to grieve there is no time limit to getting over this. Youll know when your ready to take the next step. Keep your friends and family close don't push them away because they don't understand even if they say they do, unless they have actually lost a child they don't. Take care of yourself you need to do this to help you heal and with in time you will but don't try and hurry it. It will happen when your ready.

Your life does go back to normal but its not the same normal you had before but what I call the "new normal".

The "new normal" is different its the life you and your family live with now having an angel baby. There will always be a special piece of your heart that holds that special love for that child or children that are not with you anymore but its special, so special that you never even as time goes by lose  that love or memories of your special angel baby. It tucked in your heart forever

So  don't think you wont get through this because you will. I did and if I can, my word you can too.

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