My beautiful angel Celine

On Thursday 4th of July I went to the hospital to get checked out because I was having a lot of discharge. So, I thought it was normal but just to be safe. It turns out it wasn't normal they said I was completely dialated with my bag pushing out. It was the worst day of my life I was only 20 weeks this couldn't be happening. They put me on bestest but did warn me that I could go in to labor any time and water could break. I prayed that it wouldn't that my baby would hold on for a few more weeks hoping it would have a better chance of survival at 24 weeks. Because my twins were born at 25 weeks and thank God they are healthy and growing each day more . But God had other plans for my angel on July 11 2019 she was called to heaven. That morning I woke up with contractions my husband and I rush to the hospital and they said I was in labor, but my water had not broken yet.  At 11:47 am our baby was a born a beautiful little girl and at 11:55 she when to heaven. I have been having a hard time trying to find hope to get strength from my babies and family, but it's so hard. I feel guilty if I would of went  in sooner or I keep thinking why  I didn't think anything was wrong. I guess it all part of the loss.

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