Lost my baby girl hope

I gave birth on the 27/08/2019 i didnt expect my baby would have come so early. I didnt know what i was having, When she was born at 25weeks she was healthy with no condition,i had tears of joy. A week later my baby girl passed away and the doctors couldnt tell me what happen. I broke into pieces with my baby girl on top of my chest until her last heartbeat. Even now im broken n i dont know if i can ever be fixed.

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    Thank you so much...sorry for your lost,losing a child is so hard..People say you will move on but you can never move on, only cope day by day. Never thought i would be a parent to bury my own child. All i have memories and i always talk about her as if she was here. They say be strong but sometimes u just cant. Its ok to be ok. My heart is heavy cause the week i lost my baby i lost my dad after and now im going to funeral week behind each other. Sometimes i dont know how im still here cause my mind is weak right now along with my heart. It takes time but we all will make it.
  • Hi welcome to share. I am sending you much love and hugs. My son died at two weeks old. Take each day one day at a time and if needed one hour at a time. Those first few days/weeks I was taking it minute by minute, just remembering to breath. I did find talking to someone helped and coming on here also was a lifeline. Many hugs to you. Nicki