hi everyone 

this is dream walker,

this is first time i am sharing my stories

ok lets get started 

going to complete a year outside my home country in few days.

you guys know from my birth till a year back my parents didnt send me even to another city ...where ever i want to go they took me or they just say no need its not safe

so many might understood how i grew up.. home grandma and parents

so living in international dormitory these were the things i learnt---

1- the one who love you or need you will always find time or make time to talk to you

2-no one is really happy when you are happy

3-and people always have a issue when you do what you like

4-and everyone has a inner face  which is hidden

5-no one truly loves maybe

6-whatever hapen maybe you need to stick to yourslef and your morals

now my parents had no time to look at me...maybe when i grew old they do understand me because now i can understand that they are busy........