Miscarriage at 10 weeks


I was just told two days ago that they could not findv my baby/fetus heartbeat at 10 weeks. When they first told me I thought I would be okay, I went home and talked to my fiancé. The day after, I was a complete mess. I tried venting to some friends and their response was basically telling me life goes on! I understand life does go on and I cannot keep living in the past, however, I’m having a hard time moving on from this experience. My fiancé showed compassion the first day, but basically is thinking I should move on. The doctor call today to give me my blood levels. My hcg is still high and I may not experience the miscarriage naturally until 1 to 3 weeks from now. Today, we are picking up my step kids. I expressed to my fiancé, maybe this the wrong time to have them around since he will be at work, I do not know if I can be emotional there, however; he think I should be able to manage, since I was only 10 weeks. I think if I stay busy, that should help.

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  • So sorry. It will take time to begin healing but unfortunately will always be a part of your daily life and its hard to fully heal. We lost our son 11 years ago and still till this day its hard. Prayers to you.