My story of faith and hope

Things I have learned through my journey of faith and hope with my son

1. Put God first / keep your faith strong even during the storm

2. Enjoy every moment because life and time is precious

3. Always trust your instincts

4. Family and friends are important

5. Open up more, maybe someone can help or needs to hear what you have to say

We are so beyond blessed to have had our Emerson! The doctors told me that he would not make it to term, or he would be stillborn, and that we should terminate at 23 weeks, but our precious son fought just as hard if not harder than his parents! He proved them (the doctors) wrong! Our baby boy came into this world fighting to see us and we are so proud of him! The doctors still do not understand what happened with his kidneys, or why they were not working since I did everything right. Our son is proof that the doctors do not always have the answer. Holding onto our faith during this pregnancy has shown us that miracles do happen, for that is what my son was, a miracle. The fact that he fought hard to see us and we were able to even hold him is proof that miracles do happen in this ugly world!

Emerson Lavon Salazar

5/1/2020 - 5/3/2020

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