Loss of baby and the desire to try again

Hi all,

Having read so many of your stories already I know that you will all share my anguish and heartache so I feel comfortable sharing my story here.

I had a perfect pregnancy: no sickness, little weight gain, steady weight gain of baby and reached full term. Whilst I was 40weeks +4 days I knew something was wrong. My Baby had stopped moving. I went to MAU and they checked the heart rate. My baby was reactive, but described as ‘sleepy’, I had an emergency C Section and my baby was severely anaemic. She is the most beautiful thing I will ever lay eyes on, perfectly formed, a perfect size, an ultimate little doll. Truly an Angel. She was rushed to NICU due to her anaemia. The doctors tried everything to help my little baby live but unfortunately 3 days later she passed in my arms. I’m not sure my heart will ever be whole again.

I’m now living with a c-section scar. Don’t get me wrong, I couldn’t care less about my scar, I’d take a thousand to have her back with us. But I desperately want a child. My question is does anyone have any experience of conceiving quickly after the birth of any of their children when the birth was via a csection? I’m not trying to replace my baby girl, I’m trying to make myself feel partially together again. And attempting to bring her back to us.

Thanks for reading,