Loss of sweet boy and confused

Hello, I had my baby boy June 12th of this year. He was full of sunshine always so sweet. It still plays in my head over and over again of what happened on August 21st my husband woke me up to get my older kids ready for school when my husband yelled for me and said our baby wasn't breathing. My husband done CPR on him and nothing so we rushed to the ER and the whole way I held him in my arms doing CPR on him but nothing worked I knew deep down he was already gone but i didn't want to believe it. The doctors worked on him for an hour before they came out and said he didn't make it. I was heart broken I didn't know what to do he was 2 months old. I lost a part of me that day. Im still trying to cope with everything but honestly how do you cope with the loss of a child. The 2 months I had with him was the best 2 months of my life. He was so loved and still is. I miss him so much I want my sweet boy back so bad. My question is how does someone get through something like this.

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    Hello I delivered baby girl on 23 June 2020..she was my second daughter..I was so happy thrilled with her arrival that I celebrated every moment of her arrival..then suddenly on Oct 19 when she was about to be 4 months old she left us for heaven in early morning hours..i made her sleep around 1 am in night..and in morning we found her still...took her to hospital.. doctor said she got asphyxia while sleeping..it's kind of silent aspiration...she got choked by her spit up in deep sleep..she never ever spit up in deep sleep ever and was a very active child..she was happy kind of child.. never troubled much...I have been so dynamic and versatile while she was with me..and her suddenly leaving us like this without any hints has left me so devastated. I don't feel like dragging myself each day...I have 4 year old baby girl .. I try to be busy with her but somewhere I m so much shattered inside and I feel so.insecure ...I have always been happy girl enjoying my life in my own ways and now my heart sinks thinking of future where she won't be ever with me...I miss her..I cry for her...can anyone tel me about miracle that if I plan baby again will she come again? Will my love bring her back ever?..I don't even know how to start my life fresh was this her Destiny or was it out mistake? Probably if ever I will find answers to this
  • Hello,

    I hope all is well with you and your family as you transition and find new ways to cope with your new normal. I hope you are finding sweet joy in the memories you shared with your angel.
    I stumbled upon your message and i know some time has passed, but i wanted to hear how you are coping. I just experienced a friend loosing his son, he was almost 2, and this type of loss is very unique.
    I am curious about your mental progression and your coping mechanism for such a challenging life experience.

    Thank you so much and remember you are a very special mom.