I loss my beautiful baby boy ageds 5 weeks old

I lost my beautiful baby boy on the 8th of November my baby had been poorly and we had been to the hospital at 5 in the morning and we came home in the after noon then we spent the day in bed because he was really tired anyway he woke at 3 am for his feed them at 5 am I found my 5week old baby he had passed suddenly I wouldn't wish it on anybody how I found my baby and I still don't have any answers why but wen I'd taken my baby to the hospital they didnt do no blood test no scan no nothing and my beautiful boy was born without a bum hole so he had a Stoma and they didnt even do any scans just sent him home saying he had a,bug some bug my little man suffered because the hospital didnt do there job and they let NY baby down I'm so so lost my baby was all I had and now he's gone I'm so lost and I feel so lonely