Recovering from a traumatic miscarriage

My name is Arijana and I suffered a miscarriage 3 months ago, however I’m still struggling with moving on from the trauma of my miscarriage. Even though I have grieved the loss of my baby, it’s still something I think about every morning I wake up and every night I goto bed. To summarize my story, I went for my first ultrasound appointment at 13 weeks with my husband and found out there was no heartbeat and the baby only made it to 10 weeks. Then 5 days later, I had a natural miscarriage while at work and I actually felt the passing of my baby. I ended up having a D&C that same day and I would say struggling with the trauma of my miscarriage is a lot harder than it was grieving my loss. I suffer from anxiety in general and have anxiety with thoughts of getting pregnant again and trying to conceive. Looking forward to meeting other people who have had similar experiences like me and for more support.

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  • Sorry for your loss . I also had a mmc after no heartbeat. I was 10 weeks but the baby died at 8weeks . I had my miscarriage on June 29,2021 and agree the physical is almost as bad as the emotional trauma . I had taken meds vs d&c but scared to death about trying again . We have struggled with fertility since 2015 and this was our first pregnancy. I am very sad, angry , anxious etc.. I’m allowing myself to experience what I feel and taking time for me to process things . Hugs to you also ❤️‍