A week ago I went in to the hospital to be induced to have baby Nyla. I was 2 days past my due date. I felt her kick the day before. They looked for a heartbeat and couldn't find it. I went on to deliver a stillborn Nyla, 7lbs 9 oz. She looked perfect. All tests show no issues and there is no answer. I'll probably never get an answer. I feel suspended in time, I weep all the time. I cannot think of anything else. When I stare at the TV I never watch it. I bring out a box to show family she existed instead of her. I don't know how to ever get past this.

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  • Time is the best healer. Sometimes there is no answer to incidents and mishaps which occur in our life. I have also gone through same feelings when I lost my infant. I am still trying to be strong. You will take time to heal.